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Sea and beach poster

Sea and beach poster

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Sea waves in English green

The dark English green, although very eye-pleasing, is not a popular colour. It’s a shame, since it can provide the perfect background for a warm, rustic décor or a minimalistic Scandinavian one. It can also serve as a canvas to depict your fondest holiday memories! How about a view of sea waves, washing soft sand away?

The dark English green doesn’t seem like a natural colour at first glance. However, this is exactly the shade of the deep sea, which is why the water motif is a perfect choice for nautical interiors. You can also see this deep green in some herbariums, beautifully contrasted with subtle pink and purple flowers, so beloved by pollinators. The colour is therefore a perfect combination of elegance and natural summer vibes!

Thanks to the right wall decorations, the dark green can truly shine. Sea waves poster is one of them! The rhythmic waves lapping at the shore will bring to mind summer walks by the seaside. The image works wonders with the English green by optically enlarging the interior and creating an illusion of depth. The original decoration will become an intriguing element in you décor, while also inspiring you to plan your next trip to the beach. In order to take full advantage of the design, you should know what to pair it with. A frame in the same colour as the wall will make the poster pop, while keeping the composition open. Alternatively, you can go for heavy wooden or gilded frames in order to capture some of that classic elegance known from art galleries.

The refreshing theme of sea and beach is also a great idea for decorating a bathroom. Instead of hanging the poster on a wall, you can lean it against it to make the space look modern. On the other hand, if you match it with a few rustic accessories, every bath or shower will feel like a trip to the seaside! Posters are the perfect decorative compromise between modernity and elegance. For the most stunning effects, we recommend paying close attention to the colour scheme. If the colours overlap and transition between decorations, you’ll be able to conjure up a thoughtful, cohesive décor. By using a nature-inspired motif, you’re already one step ahead – after all, nature is the author of the most beautiful compositions.