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Retro flowers canvas print

Retro flowers canvas print

65,20 USD
Material: Canvas Print
Dimensions: 100 x 80 cm

Retro style on a canvas print!

For some time now, plant and flower motifs have been very fashionable. For the last couple of seasons, retro style flowers dominated the covers of lifestyle magazines, fashion photo shoots and advertisements. And not just as patterns on textiles: they were often an element of the scenography of a photoshoot, becoming a fashionable background.

The trend of using flower motif decorations have also entered out interiors. Retro canvas print for living room is a very popular choice because they’re colorful, energising and very easy to fit with other elements of decor. Before we choose a sofa with an expressive flower design, it’s worth to experiment with a smaller, more often replaced elements and try a living room canvas with an image of flowers, or curtains with retro design.

Retro canvas print is not a very demanding accessory. It can be used as a complement of a vintage decor that consists of stylized appliances, juicy and bright colors of furniture, and other accessories. Such decoration can be easily fitted into other types of spaces, as well. What can be surprising, is that a retro canvas print will also look good in a very modern interior. Minimalist, simple forms that are characteristic for current interior design trends will create a very effective contrast with a more complex, colorful flower canvas print. If you’re looking for a decoration that will improve your interior, our offer may be just that you need. Retro canvas print will look great in an industrial style interior (brick of wooden walls, visible installation elements, minimalist decor) or in French style (bright wood furniture, upholstery with flower design, expressive shades of turquoise, green, blue). In apartments decorated in rustic style, flower canvas print may be overwhelmed by heavy materials, wooden furniture and dark colors. Maritime style interior is not a good place for a flower canvas print, either. It is a very characterized style: both, when it comes to color palette and used motifs.