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Red rose poster

Red rose poster

51,35 USD
Dimensions: 100 x 150 cm
Material: Poster

A rose accent in interior design

If you’re looking for a great way to beautify a toned, elegant interior and make it look more expressive, choose an effective wall decoration in form of a rose poster. Such decoration will bring some chic, grace and beauty into your space. A red rose reminds us of femininity, love and grandeur – it will be a perfect complement of elaborative rooms, with feminine décor and designed in glamour style. Flowers poster is an offer for all lovers of flower décor motifs – it’s an alternative for standard rose pictures – that will emphasize the beauty of flowery patterns on pillows, curtains and tablecloths. Such decorative accent will look beautiful in bedrooms or in living rooms, which base colors are reds, grays and whites – a chic detail will make the space gain an effective and elegant look. Thanks to a classic, red flower on a toned, gray background, a rose poster will work well as a decoration of classic and romantic interiors.

A delicate decoration will become a beautiful background for a bed in both, traditional and modern bedrooms. An interior dominated by simple forms and plain accessories will gain on a contrastive and expressive accent. Rose poster will improve a space and give it finesse look. An elegant interior, which is based on toned, classic colors and flowery designs, will keep its expressive look and character thanks to a flowers poster. A rose will refresh a decor and create a unique atmosphere in your interior. A flower will be a subtle and graceful decoration of a toned sofa and dining room furniture – it can be successfully used in minimalist interiors, thanks to its universal color scheme. Such decoration will become a tasteful complement of a stylish, leather corner sofa, geometric coffee table and toned-down accessories.