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Picturesque poppies sticker

Picturesque poppies sticker

Photo number: #131806512
Material: Classic Sticker
Dimensions: 100 x 100 in (width x height)
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A city filled with poppies!

One of the most memorable summertime views other than holiday landscapes are vast fields of grain with beautiful wildflowers sprinkled in between. It’s so easy to fall in love with larkspurs, blue loggerheads and, of course, red poppies. The splashes of colour are exactly what makes golden fields so mesmerising. It’s no wonder this view is so beloved by artists, who have depicted it on canvases in so many different styles over the centuries.

The summer flowers combined with green and gold of grain are breathtakingly beautiful. The natural colours are very vivid, as though they were painted by Van Gogh himself, which makes this floral motif a great choice for a subtle, rustic-style décor. We recommend introducing this motif in the form of charming and original wall decorations. Thanks to wall stickers, you can conjure up a truly idyllic atmosphere in your interiors. The design will be reminiscent of an open painting – it will seamlessly blend in with the rest of the décor.

The poppy sticker looks absolutely stunning over a living room couch. It combines the style of expressionist painting and romantic atmosphere with a theme that will remind you of your happiest holiday memories. All of that in the form of an elegant, slick wall decoration. The sticker will make your room feel more unique and interesting, while at the same time igniting your imagination.

We recommend pairing the design with lighter colours, especially since the poppy red is so vivid. Greys, whites and beiges are all solid choices that can highlight the charm of such natural motifs. You can go for a full rustic décor by decorating the room with light, wooden furniture and linen cushion covers. Complete the look with freshly cut flowers but instead of vases use old-fashioned watering cans or milk churns. Finally, stimulate other senses with scented candles for a bit of idyllic aromatherapy. The poppy design will also look incredible in Boho-style interiors. Next to hempen ropes, macramés and a hanging chair, the flowers will create an atmosphere that combines European folk and North American Indigenous design. The wildflower sticker is a beautiful lingering memory of the summer, which, although short, stays with us for long.