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Paris panorama poster

Paris panorama poster

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Place your bets on French chic – posters with Paris in interior design

Paris is considered a melting pot of cultures and contradictions. And not without good reason. Here we can find plenty of surprising elements. Great sky scrapers “emerging” from the picturesque townhouses lining little, winding, cobblestone streets where the aroma of baked chestnuts lingers in the air…And it is precisely this less industrial aspect of the city that we want to show you today. This is why we created wall posters that depict the romantic side of the French capital. The graphic presents the Eiffel Tower surrounded by urban homes from the 18th century. It brings to mind old-time postcards or illustrations from historical books, though its form proves to be much more contemporary. It resembles the works of the rebellious artists of Parisian bohemia. It is expressive and colorful yet at the same time pared-down and understated. In one word: contrastive. This poster perfectly captures the spirit of the city of lights as well as the ideas that pervade it.

This decoration goes wonderfully with modern design styles, especially minimalist interiors, while at the same time livening up a space’s cool, raw décor with its vibrant color scheme. An abstract wall poster with the “likeness” of Paris can be placed practically anywhere – in the living room, in the bedroom, the kitchen, the foyer, the home office, or even…in the bathroom. Just protect the poster against the harmful effects of external factors such as humidity. How? Contrary to appearances, there’s no need for any specialist fuss. An appropriately selected frame and glass cover will provide this decoration with the proper protection for years.

It’s worth noting that this Paris-inspired poster for the wall will appeal not only to adults, but to teenagers as well. This decoration will be at home in the kingdom of a young lady who loves fashion and knows a thing or two about style. A Parisian poster like this one beautifully complements wooden, white-washed furniture and other accessories in subtle, soft colors.