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Night time city mural

Night time city mural

200,22 USD
Material: Vinyl wall mural
Dimensions: 100 x 70 in (width x height)

Romantic inspirations, night time city mural

Nocturnes, meaning paintings depicting night time landscapes, were very popular during the romanticism period. Artists began to love such views thanks to their interest in legends, myths and by fascination of the unknown. What we know so well in daytime becomes completely new after the sunset. That’s why a city night mural is such an interesting and inspiring interior decoration. Moon light, the gleam of street lights and the glow of the setting sun paints a completely different image of a city. London, Paris of New York - a city mural is a perfect option for a modern, spacious interior.

A city mural with a night time view of a metropolis is a stylish and impressive decoration that looks best as a part of a bright decor. Dark colors and an expressive design will overwhelm a small living room, which will make it look even smaller than it actually is. That’s why, if you have a minimalist, sizable room, a living room mural with a night city is a perfect choice for you. Colors and style that dominates your interior can help you choose a different design of a mural. A dark mural for living room with depiction of a city on a navy blue background, that we’d like to offer you, will look great in a bright, spacious and well light interior.