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Inspirations - Canvas prints - Sitting room

Mountainscape canvas print

Mountainscape canvas print

Photo number: #179421306
Material: Canvas Print
Dimensions: 30 x 20 cm
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The northern cool within a warm home

Mountain peaks under a blanket of snow reflected in a crystal clear lake surface – sounds like a setting of a fairy-tale but it’s the everyday reality for the inhabitants of the far north. The stunningly beautiful landscapes have always ignited people’s imaginations and provided the most romantic and sensual destinations for romantic weekends, especially for couples who enjoy nature and Scandinavian interiors!

The popular concept of hygge is commonly associated with Danish or Norwegian designs, warm sweaters, cosy sofas and cups of hot chocolate. However, hygge is more than just homely warmth and comfort – it’s a whole lifestyle. A huge part of that northern lifestyle is enjoying the harsh but majestic views, which can be really therapeutic and soothing. Many people brace the cold and danger and hike the frosty peaks to see the jaw-droppingly beautiful landscapes with their own eyes! However, if that idea for a weekend seems a bit too extreme for you, you can always go for… a canvas print.

Wall decorations depicting the northern beauty are truly spectacular. They are the inherent part of Scandinavian décor but can also be used to beautify rustic or loft interiors. On a neutral background, the print will look sharper and create an illusion of depth, making it seem as if there was another window in your room, one with a fantastic view. And since we’ve mentioned hygge, we’re not far from another Scandinavian staple in décor – the famous Swedish minimalism! We recommend using simple, modest decorations inspired by nature, like a single dogwood twig, which has a lot of subtle elegance. Pair it with a thick bedcover and the harsh glacier aesthetic will be within your reach!

This canvas print design is also a good choice for decorating an office – it will make the space more elegant. What’s more, it subconsciously tells you that you can do anything if you put your mind to it, just like the daring photographers, who traverse the uninviting land to capture the view of the morning sun from the mountain peaks! Hygge at its core is all about having a good life. Thanks to minimalism and classy decorations, this atmosphere can be reflected in any home. It’s certainly worth a shot, since the philosophy supposedly derives from the undefeated Vikings themselves!