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Motivational poster

Motivational poster

46,68 USD
Dimensions: 100 x 150 cm
Material: Poster

Collect moments, not things: an inspiring poster for a hall, and more       

Each of us have a day, when we lack any kind of motivation. This is when we feel like our lives have become a painful routine, and that everything we do - we do automatically. Do you have days like that, too? If so, we have a great – and an incredibly stylish! - solution: a motivational poster!

Just take a look at this design: a quote “Collect moments, not things” is a motto that we can all relate to in our modern material and overworked world, isn’t it? Such motivational poster with quotes may become a fantastic decoration of both, an apartment and an office. A warm, energising color scheme and a motif of mountains (we all should strive to reach our lives’ peaks!) makes this motivational poster look really good in spaces inspired by Scandinavian style: we can easily imagine it hanging on a white wall (or both, white and patterned, just like in our inspiration), in cosy surroundings of wooden furniture and books.

If you want to decorate your hall with a poster that will bring a smile to you guest’s faces, the poster we offer you can be a great option, thanks to its friendly and positive character. This poster will perfectly light up and cheer up your interior - since, as we all know, halls are often quite underexposed. A combination of an interesting typography and an eye-catching graphic design makes this motivational poster with quote a great decoration of a modern interior – it would look great on a café’s wall! In our inspiration, the poster is hanged in vintage style - on a string - but if you prefer a bit more elegant solutions, the same design can also be placed in a frames of your choosing.