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Minimalistic line art poster

Minimalistic line art poster

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Minimalism with a feminine soul

Monochromatic, minimalistic interiors are absolutely stunning! The slick, orderly style provides a perfect background for both simple and more intricate details. It’s those details that give the interior its character and reflect the owner’s personality! And what if the owner is a strong, confident woman? Well, in that case, the best option is decorating a wall with an elegant poster that will highlight the feminine character of the room!

White walls, white furniture, white textiles – in a room like this, you’ll feel as if you were swimming in the clouds. Details are incredibly important in any monochromatic interior – with limited colours, it’s the small things that stand out and can either enhance the style of the room or disturb the peace and ruin the effect. Posters are a good solution, as long as the design isn’t too striking. We recommend subtle, minimalist decorations that express your personality.

These are exactly the qualities of modern cubism, which uses shapes similar to those from the works of Picasso, while keeping the composition simple and unintrusive. A female portrait drawn with a single line is an expression of strength, beauty and confidence! The poster looks great over a bed. You can also use it to decorate a minimalist bathroom. Another interesting idea is pairing the design with a similar portrait of a man. The two posters next to each other will make your room feel modern but still cosy and private. The designs could be seen as a reference to the body positivity movement, since they show the beauty of the human shapes.

The black-and-white colour scheme makes the posters suitable for loft interiors as well. They can provide an interesting décor element without clashing with the overall style of the space. You can really get lost in the image for hours, trying to track the chaotic line and recreate the artist’s movements. Finally, the minimalist wall decorations are also an elegant way to complete the décor in hair and beauty salons. The modern design will be inviting for potential clients, while serving as a testament to the aesthetic sense of the owners. In many ways, our hairstyles and faces are also works of art, so the poster will only highlight the cultural value of any space it’s used in!