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Minimalistic Boho poster

Minimalistic Boho poster

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Natural minimalism

Natural motifs in decoration are mostly associated with the Boho style, famous for its use of natural textiles, wood, greenery, hemp ropes and Indigenous symbols. A beautiful example of this style comes in the form of this subtle, minimalist poster, which can elevate your décor to a new level and fill your home with unique character!

At its core the Boho style is a combination of nature and minimalism. Though it uses intricate patterns, everything is very consistent when it comes to colours. The main decorative elements here are macramés, which can also serve as gorgeous plant hangers. After all, plants are extremely vital in this decorative style! You can highlight the charm of those decorations and return to the Indigenous American roots of the style thanks to subtle posters. The minimalistic Boho poster is very frugal when it comes to colours – the beiges, reds, blacks and browns are composed in patterns inspired by the designs from the walls of great Aztec cities. They look beautiful when partially covered by tropical plants, next to a hanging rope chair.

Have you ever wondered why the Boho style uses so many ropes? Some Indigenous Americans used them for protection from venomous animals – they slept off the ground to avoid being bitten at night! Although nowadays dangerous animals are much less of a threat, natural ropes and string still make for interesting decorations both in living rooms and bedrooms. The earthy colours will make your interior feel a part of the environment and help you relax in a summer atmosphere. Don’t forget to adorn the space with a whole bunch of cushions and pillows. That way, you’ll be able to take a cosy afternoon nap anytime you want. Decorative posters can take you on a journey to the other side of the world!

Is it worth it to decorate your interiors in the Boho style? The answer is simple – yes! It’s the perfect choice for all lovers of nature and minimalism – a recipe for interiors full of positive atmosphere, where you can easily relax and nothing distracts you. Unless, of course, your attention is captured by an elegant, minimalist poster that invites you on a trip across the Amazon jungle!