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Lavender field mural

Lavender field mural

128,27 USD
Material: Vinyl wall mural
Dimensions: 100 x 80 in (width x height)

Beautiful and practical, a lavender field mural

Lavender is known for its various properties. We use it in cosmetic industry for the wonderfully scented oils produced from it’s tiny flowers, and in pharmaceuticals because it relieves pain and treats inflammations. We can also find it in a kitchen, since it improves digestive functions when added to our food. This purple, delicate plant is also a great decorative element, that will make our interiors gain on romantic character. A lavender wall mural will look great in a Provencal style bedroom, as well as in a small bathroom, where a lavender field mural will optically enlarge the space.

A fragrant essential oil obtained from this purple plant will help us fall asleep, and a lavender wall mural will make our bedroom gain on a stylish look. Lavender motif will work in basically every type of decor. But, we must say that our absolute favourite is the romantic Provencal style! White, wooden furniture, pastel walls, classic sofas with a bright upholstery and a lavender field mural, that is an excellent complement of a decor.

If you’re currently decorating your interior, remember that a lavender living room wall mural is a universal decoration with a timeless beauty. Because lavender is used in gastronomy, it can also be a great decoration of our kitchen. Both, the presented design as well as a mural with lavender on planks, will look great not only in a rustic interior dominated by wooden furniture in their natural color. The color of wood will warm up a monochromatic, minimalist kitchen, and purple flower petals will enliven the whole space. Lavender will look great not only as a mural for bedroom or kitchen. It’s also a great idea for a bathroom arrangement. Lavender mural, either laminated or printed on glass (which makes it resistant to moisture) will look great in a white or pastel-colored bathroom with decorative wicker baskets and glass containers.