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Image The Great Wave off Kanagawa

Image The Great Wave off Kanagawa

Photo number: #117800942
Material: Canvas Print
Dimensions: 30 x 20 cm
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Catching the decorative wave with the famous Japanese woodblock print

Most interior design and fashion trends are only temporary. They rarely last more than a season. This, however, cannot be said about art. Art is timeless and permanent. Artworks created years, decades and even centuries ago are still equally stunning. That’s exactly why canvas prints depicting famous masterpieces are a great way to create an elegant, ageless décor. This time, we recommend using The Great Wave off Kanagawa by Hokusai as the dominating piece of your interior design. The original artwork is rather small. However, if you really want it to become the main part of the décor, go for a large format print.

You may wonder whether you need a complete Asian-style living room in order to hang such an image on the wall. We’ve learned from experience that the world of interior design loves surprising solutions, which is why in this case we recommend an eclectic décor. Our idea is to arrange an interior that’s eclectic on two levels. Firstly, you can combine Japanese art with typically European design. Secondly, you can contrast the 19th century masterpiece with retro furniture inspired by the 60s and the 70s. This combination may seem surprising or odd but it actually looks stunningly elegant and harmonious.

The Japanese masterpiece is a perfect example that canvas prints don’t have to be extravagant or overly colourful in order to completely transform the look of an interior. The Great Wave off Kanagawa is a simple landscape in subtle colours printed on wood. However, it’s the dynamic design of the moving water that makes it so stunningly beautiful and eye-catching! Similarly to how modern abstract art can really turn the interior upside down, Hokusai’s woodblock print can also revolutionise your space, though it’ll do it in a uniquely Japanese way – with subtlety and grace.