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Forest in the morning mural

Forest in the morning mural

Photo number: #153589810
Material: Vinyl wall mural
Dimensions: 100 x 100 in (width x height)
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Your very own oasis of serenity – a morning in the woods

No matter what type of aesthetic is close to our hearts, when decorating our homes we want to create a space in which we will feel comfortable and at ease. Some opt for minimalist décor, one which provides a sense of freedom, while others go green, choosing a style that is cozy and offers a chance to care for the environment. We may differ of course, but if we really care about turning our ordinary home into a true oasis of serenity, there is only one solution – wall murals with a breathtaking view.

Let’s imagine we’re sitting in the living room after a difficult day, and outstretched before us we see the expanse of an idyllic forest bathed in morning sunlight. With such a landscape at our fingertips it doesn’t matter what weather we see out the window– rain or snow. For here, in the sanctuary that is our home, we can bask in the magical atmosphere we’ve created – where time has stopped – and delight in an unadulterated moment of serenity. Ought we to carry out such a transformation of this space to be able to revel in such a view every day?

It is no new knowledge that spending time in the bosom of nature has a positive effect on our health and well-being. What’s more, scientists have even discovered that merely looking at a picture depicting a picturesque landscape can be beneficial for us. Wall murals with a forest landscape are not only a tried and tested recipe to create a cozy interior – they are also a splendid way to put yourself in a good mood no matter what the circumstances. But that’s not all. A forest view will help us create our very own version of a very popular trend known as the urban jungle. We don’t have to bend over backwards with exotic inspirations. We can best tie the room together by using landscapes native to our environment. To complement this way of styling our home we can bring houseplants into the living room – ferns, figs, or the monstera ceriman – thanks to which the greenery of your wall mural will penetrate into the room.