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Female nude canvas print

Female nude canvas print

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Material: Canvas Print

Canvas print with female nude: which interiors does it fit?

A nude canvas print will be a unique and eye-catching wall decoration. Against popular belief, choosing a nude to decorate your house is not an interior decorative faux-pas. This type of canvas print - in form of a black and white sketch, quite naturalistic and proportional, that presents not only the figure, but also the elements of its surroundings, is quite a universal choice. The figure on the canvas print, despite its modesty, attracts attention.

A nude’s strength is an original pose of the model, that makes it lose all features that could be associated with eroticism. Most of the nudes are static, but not in this case - it’s dynamic and the model’s pose is “dramatized”. Thanks to that, the nude is interesting and very elastic when it comes to possible combinations and it’s intended use.

A toned drawing will look great on almost every color of a wall. White, monochromatic, empty walls will gain a bit of energy and dynamic, dark interiors- elegance. Strong, juicy colors will be slightly “calmed”. This type of nude canvas print will make an interior look more intimate and expressive.

A nude canvas print for living room will harmonize with many different decor styles. It will give a soul to an industrial style, that often seems non-personal and not very “intimate”. It will add energy to a classic, “calm” interior by breaking it’s harmony, or, as in some cases- decorative boredom. Retro style, characterized by vivid, warm colors matches perfectly with gray and cream-colored accessories, one of which can be a nude canvas print. In a minimalist and cool Scandinavian style, the nudes framed in wooden, natural frames will harmonize nicely with a bright, eco and “clean” design. A nude will look great in eclectic interiors: it will surely become one of the most interesting elements of decor. 

As we select an interior that is to be decorated with a female nude canvas print, we should first think about the feelings said decoration gives us. If we think the canvas is too controversial or overwhelming, we shouldn’t place it in a living room or a hall. The ones that aren’t very “general audience friendly”, should be placed in the more intimate parts of your apartment, such as bathroom or a bedroom. A nude canvas print for a living room should be exactly that: light, but intriguing at the same time, it should tell a story without being overloaded in terms of color, technique and other uses of expression.