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Elephant on a plane sticker

Elephant on a plane sticker

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Material: Classic Sticker
Dimensions: 100 x 100 in (width x height)
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Transform your child’s room into a world of fantasy

The child’s room is a special part of every family home – it needs to feel safe and cosy, stimulate imagination and inspire children to play and develop. Decorating the walls with stickers is the easiest and most effective way to make the space more fun.

Recent years have seen an explosion of popularity of the Montessori teaching method, which claims that children develop the fastest in their first few years of life. This applies to both motor and cognitive skills and the latter are strongly influenced by the décor in children’s rooms – their immediate surroundings. Babies get easily distracted, which is why it’s recommended to decorate nurseries in subtle, neutral colours that won’t divert their attention from learning through play! In order for the space to remain positive and cheerful, you can use subtle yet beautiful wall stickers that will take your bundles of joy on a trip to the world of fairy-tales.

The elephant on a plane is one of those motifs that work wonders above a crib or a toddler’s bed. The delicate colours can help them calm down and won’t distract them when it’s bedtime. For slightly older children, the design will become a companion for play and the perfect canvas to develop their imagination on, when they pretend to soar through the skies with their new friend. You can combine these unimposing stickers for children with all kinds of Boho-style decorations – this will promote your kids’ sense of aesthetics from an early age, while at the same time letting them relax and dream about fantastic worlds in a positive, carefree atmosphere. Such designs can also make children feel safer by transforming their room into a friendly space that is truly theirs.

Decoratively, the elephant on a plane sticker is a clever choice that will thematically tie together all your kids’ toys, especially stuffed animals and building blocks. With this design on a wall, even if the other toys are scattered about the room, the chaos will feel more controlled, since everything is now part of the décor. The elephant can become a key decoration in the room for many years. When your children’s interests change, you can always introduce changes by hanging a frame around the image or adding a few other designs so that it remains fresh and intriguing! If you’re decorating a child’s room, it’s time to free your childhood imagination and conjure up a magical atmosphere without going overboard with colours.