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Colourful balloons stickers

Colourful balloons stickers

Photo number: #153589649
Material: Classic Sticker
Dimensions: 100 x 100 in (width x height)
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Flying a balloon awake and asleep

Dream dictionaries explain that balloons are a symbol of happiness and opportunity for achieving your goals. However, sometimes you need to boost your luck a bit. Wall stickers with flying balloons will fill your dreams with omens that spell good fortune. The very theme of sky, clouds, and flying is commonly associated with dreaming, which is why these types of decorations make it easier to fall asleep. After a busy day at work, it's important to get some well deserved rest and relaxation. Looking at hot-air balloons on your walls, you'll think about travelling, adventures in the sky and the pleasant imagery will send you to the world of dreams... It's a great way to decorate a bedroom both for sleepyheads and people having troubles falling asleep.

Interiors are filled with joy thanks to the vivid colours of the balloons. In the Scandinavian style, such colourful accents are commonly used to balance the neutral white of the remaining walls and furniture. Wall stickers depicting balloons with bows and ribbons can also feel very romantic. To achieve that effect, complement the design using other accessories with matching colours. A vivid decoration makes even minimalist-style interiors appear cosy. Balloon stickers work wonders in the living room or the hallway. Using wall stickers makes it possible to reach new heights of interior design.

Balloon stickers bring good dreams and help create a happy, cosy atmosphere at home. That's why they're a particularly effective type of decoration for a child's room. These soothing images make even the most fussy children eventually fall asleep. In the case of older children, wall stickers create a homey atmosphere and make them feel more secure. Floating hot-air balloons will definitely appeal to teenage dreamers, not to mention all the romantic souls, who also fancy the motive. Using stickers provides a lot of decorative freedom. You can apply them in one spot, above the bed or the desk. You can also separate them and put one on each of the walls. It all depends on you – wall stickers, especially those depicting balloons, allow you to create arrangements of your dreams.