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Birch tree wall mural

Birch tree wall mural

Photo number: #221935813
Material: Vinyl wall mural
Dimensions: 100 x 100 in (width x height)
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Birch trees – a mix of nature and minimalism

To prevent climate change, taking care of trees is now more important than ever before – not only do they produce oxygen, provide habitat for many different species, but perhaps most importantly, they teach us to appreciate natural beauty. The trees appear extremely fragile because of their thin bark, and yet are able to withstand fierce storms! Although every birch tree is beautiful in its own way, they all share the unique, decorative bark that allows them to beautify gardens even without foliage.

Even though birch trees are quite common in temperate climate, they never cease to amaze. A solitary tree, a row of birches on the side of a road or a clump in a forest – they all create a one-of-a-kind, magical atmosphere. Their white and black bark can also be used in decorative designs. Take, for example, the absolutely stunning candelabras made from birch bark. It’s also worth mentioning that decorating white walls and ceilings with birch branches is booming due to their minimalistic and natural appeal.

The bark makes for an excellent wall decoration – its natural tones work great as a backdrop for rustic accessories. A wall mural with this design looks jaw-droppingly beautiful in subtle interiors. It’s a sure-fire way to instantly brighten up your space and give it more character. The wall mural can also be used to create an open composition that will visually enlarge the space. Whenever you look at it, it will remind you of a pleasant, autumn walk in the woods. A few small accessories, such as wicker birds or baskets will elevate your interior décor onto a completely different level, giving it a touch of elegance and grace – and isn’t that what interior design is all about?

Trees, especially birch trees make for a great interior addition to loft or minimalistic spaces. The white and black bark of the birch tree meshes well with elegant and simple furniture, giving the room a unique look in the process. It’ll warm up stark places without being too overwhelming. This kind of effect can be attributed to natural elements that can make any space, even a loft, feel cosier. Slender birch trunks and their minimal tones are the essence of classy minimalism that’s worth incorporating into any type of interior. Once your décor is ready, we recommend taking a walk in a birch tree forest to witness mother nature’s unparalleled skill in aesthetic design with your own eyes!