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Abstract pattern mural

Abstract pattern mural

79,46 USD
Material: Vinyl wall mural
Dimensions: 100 x 50 in (width x height)

Abstract wall mural : take a break from reality 

Abstraction is one of the most interesting waves of art. Although it would cause a lot of controversy when it first appeared, abstract art has found its place in the world of art. Today the masterpieces by famous abstractionists reach ridiculous prices on art auctions. Paintings, which main purpose is not the theme but the form, express the mood and personality of the artist only with colors and shapes. An abstract mural, inspired by them, is a great way to achieve an expressive, non-realistic interior decoration. It’s basic advantage is it’s timelessness and universal look. A patterned mural is always hip and never goes out of style. If you want to create a decor that you can enjoy for years to come, then an abstract mural is a total must have!

An abstract mural in bedroom will work great in a minimalist interior. A room with just the most important furniture, without any knickknacks and canvas prints hanging on the walls will make a pattern mural take the lead and attract all of the attention on itself. A bold and dominating design hates any competition in form of additional decorations. It will look best when applied on the main wall, like a true masterpiece in an art gallery! So, if you want your bedroom mural to look absolutely stunning, make it the main decoration of your interior.

An abstract mural is also a great idea for improving a spacious hall. An original design placed in the atrium of our house or apartment will make the interior gain a stylish character. Bold colors and shapes are a great way to fill a big, empty wall without any furniture or doors. A modern character of an abstract wall mural makes it a good choice for a demanding teenager’s room. An expressive combination of colors and sharp straight lines will look great when paired with modern furniture and electronic gadgets.