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How to decorate your personal reading nook – ideas and inspirations for every bookworm

When decorating this kind of space, you need to first think about the people who are going to use it. Is it intended only for adults or also for children? In this short article, we share our tried and tested tips for decorating a functional and cosy reading corner that will also match the style of your interior.

A reading nook in your living room – where to start?

Creating a dedicated reading corner is a great way to make your kids more interested in literature. The first thing you’ll need are special shelves that can be used to display all the colourful book covers. For younger children, this can be a great way to learn the basic principles of the alphabet. Such a private book exposition will definitely make it easier for your kids to access their favourite reads and find new ones. You can even make such a shelf on your own, e.g. by repainting a wooden spice rack.

Vintage animals mural
Vintage animals mural – myloview.com

Another important thing is to make sure there are plenty of soft pillows and comfortable seats in your reading nook. You can also use a velvet, tulle or muslin curtain to make the space more private. It can additionally serve as a room divider to clearly outline the space intended for reading. 

Reading seats
Reading seats

Dividing the room will make it easier for you to focus in your reading corner even if there’s someone else in the room. If you don’t like the idea of a curtain, you can also distinguish the two areas by decorating them using different materials, colours or textures. Other interesting ideas include traditional or glass room screens as well as the incredibly popular vertical gardens. A wall of moss or potted plants will have a positive impact on every household member’s well-being. After all, plants produce fresh oxygen and have a calming effect on our bodies. Producers of vertical gardens usually offer either movable or static variants. Make sure to consider which one would work best in your interior. And if you’re still not convinced to any of these ideas, you can always use a regular bookcase as a room divider as well.

A green reading nook – Green leaves mural
A green reading nook – Green leaves mural - myloview.com

Before you start decorating your cosy reading corner, you have to consider two important questions: “How much time do I usually spend reading?” and “Is literature just a hobby or is it connected to my profession and I have to read more in order to acquire new qualifications?” These questions really matter. If you often read new publications in your profession, you’ll definitely need to include a few more items in your reading nook. Other than a comfortable seat and full bookshelves, you’ll also need a small table or desk in order to make notes. If you read only for pleasure, you may not need a table, unless you want somewhere to put your cup of aromatic coffee.

Bookshelf ideas
Bookshelf ideas

Darkness here, shadow there, don’t start reading in that chair – a few words on proper lighting in a book lover’s corner

One of the most important elements of a cosy reading nook is a good source and type of light. When it comes to artificial light sources, researchers recommend white light to people who often have to work at night. Ophthalmologists advise against reading in dark rooms with a limited light source. This can lead to aggravating pre-existing vision defects or even cause new ones. All things considered, you should definitely make sure that the entire room is evenly lit whenever you decide to read something in the late evening.

A blaze of colours and shapes or some classic simplicity? What furniture and accessories to consider when decorating a cosy reading corner?

The colour of the furniture should either match the other dominating colours in the interior or contrast them. When it comes to armchairs and ottomans, you can go with whatever you enjoy, although generally, more subtle shades are better since they won’t distract you during reading (the same goes for large designs and patterns, especially abstract art).

Autumn flowers mural
Autumn flowers mural – myloview.com

As far as bookshelves are concerned, we recommend classic solutions. The trendy “floating” bookshelves or hanging books upside down may result in damaging your collection. Remember to take exact measurements of the space before you buy furniture. Minimalistic decorations and accessories are always a good idea when it comes to reading corners.  

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