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How to decorate an office in a bedroom? Here’s a handful of great ideas

In the era of remote work, many people struggle to adapt their private interiors to make them suitable for daily work with a computer. Our experts have come up with a fantastic strategy to conjure up a home office in a bedroom. This solution may be especially tempting, since it means you won’t have to put your desk in the living room, which often makes the interior feel cramped and visually unappealing.

Light bedroom with an officeRemote work can be very comfortable when you have your own working space – myloview.com

In this short article, our interior design experts discuss both practical and aesthetic aspects of this solution. After all, there’s no reason why your home office in a bedroom can’t also look stylish and make your working hours feel a bit more pleasant. Join us to discover the best ideas, from functional desks to stunning wall murals – we guarantee that you’ll find something that catches your attention!

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Working from home and in need of a home office? Here are our best bedroom office ideas

Many people who work remotely default to creating office spaces in their living rooms. So why did our experts decide to focus on the bedroom? There’s a good reason. The living room is commonly used to unwind after work or at the weekend. We associate this space with rest and relaxation. If it doubles as an office, remote workers will oftentimes spend most of their day in this one interior, which makes it really difficult to separate work from private life. They may subconsciously feel stuck in such a small space, which could have a negative impact on their overall well-being and mental health.

A bedroom and office in one allows you to at least move to a different part of your flat after work, helping to preserve a work-life balance. This solution is also perfect if your living room is on the smaller side and it would be difficult to squeeze a desk in the corner without making the interior feel cramped.

What to consider when designing your home office? Small bedroom office – décor ideas

Before you set out to design your personal working space, it’s important to know what to focus on. Your bedroom office can be practical, stylish and appealing all at the same time. Even though aesthetic qualities are often disregarded as less important, they can really make your daily grind a lot more comfortable. Here are the most important aspects of a home office according to our experts:

  • Desk placement

Let’s begin by finding the best spot for a desk. It is usually recommended to arrange a working space by a window, in order to take advantage of the natural light source. However, if your windows face east and you’d have to use blinds in order to work comfortably, it might be a better idea to move the desk to an adjacent wall. If you’re right-handed, your working space should be to the right of the window and if you’re left-handed – to the left. This way you won’t block out the light while working.

Dark bedroom combined with an officePlace your desk by a window so that you don’t have to worry about the lighting – myloview.com

  • Type of desk

Your bedroom and office can still look very stylish, especially if, instead of a typical computer desk, you use a small table. A heavy piece of furniture with cabinets on one side and a row of drawers on the other is going to unnecessarily encumber the room. If you work predominantly with a laptop, you don’t need a ton of space to store documents and stationary, which is why a lighter, smaller table can prove to be a much better solution.

  • Lighting

Proper lighting is key to comfortable work. A small bedroom with an office should feature more than one good light source. If you’ve placed your desk in a decent spot, natural light should be perfectly enough on most days. However, you should still have a desk lamp or a standing lamp close at hand.

Blue light from screens can quickly lead to eye fatigue, so make sure to deploy your extra light source on any cloudy day or whenever you have to work in the evening. You can also consider using a third light source in the form of a ceiling lamp. Ideally, it should be installed right over the desk.

Aesthetic bedroom with an officeMake sure your bedroom is as comfy as possible – myloview.com

  • Room divider

If your bedroom is rather spacious, interior designers recommend putting up a partition wall in order to separate the working space from the rest of the bedroom. There are a few ways to do that. You can create a miniature office by erecting a light, wooden or plaster partition or an industrial-style glass panel, which will make the working space more quiet. Some simpler solutions include putting up a hinged folding screen or dividing the space with a sliding curtain installed on an aluminium rail along the ceiling.

  • Wall decorations

If you want your bedroom office to look stylish and aesthetically pleasing, it is also important to decorate it properly. Wall decorations are always a safe bet and wall murals are a tried and tested recipe for a quick interior makeover. In this case, we recommend timeless natural motifs. Such designs will look absolutely spectacular behind the desk or over the bed.

Another good idea is using decorative stickers. The designs are printed on self-adhesive foil, so the installation is incredibly quick and easy. You can also use modern posters. If your desk is large enough, it may be interesting to simply place a framed poster next to the monitor instead of hanging it on a wall.

Myloview experts’ ideas for a stylish office in a bedroom – take your pick

Now that you know what to consider before designing your home office in a bedroom, it’s time to move on to discuss specific ideas prepared by our team. Depending on your preferred style, you can conjure up many stunning designs with completely different effects. So pick your elegant desk, add a few decorations, and enjoy a wonderfully comfy and stunningly stylish workspace!

Boho-style bedroomWall decorations will help you fill empty space – myloview.com

  • Modern and minimalistic

It’s difficult to find enough space for an office in a small bedroom, but the interior doesn’t need to feel cramped or cluttered as long as you follow the motto “less is more”. Limit the amount of furniture and focus on lighter, open designs – a small console table, miniature bedside tables and shelves without back panels. You can then tie the interior together with a big floral sticker over the bed, a minimalist city plan poster on the desk and a large, decorative clock.

  • Cosy and fashionable Boho vibes

If you prefer cosy and classic rather than slick and modern, you’ll definitely enjoy our second idea – a comfy, Boho-style bedroom, featuring light wood furniture, wicker accessories and natural textilesIn this case, your stylish working area can consist of a light desk and a rattan chair. Instead of an ugly cork board, our experts decided to install a wire grid over the desktop, where you can hang any notes or inspirational quotes. Complete the décor with two small potted plants and a pleasant floral poster in between.

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As long as you design the space properly, a bedroom and office in one room might be the perfect solution for remote work.

A mini office in a bedroom will serve its purpose very well. Our experts have outlined the most important advantages of combining these two spaces and they’ve shown it to be a fantastic alternative to a living room office. If you decide to go down this path, remember that the aesthetics of your workspace are oftentimes just as important as its more practical aspects. A stylish office will fill you with good energy and make the working hours much more pleasant. And if you want to see more wall decorations which will help you make this part of your home truly unique and beautiful, be sure to visit our store at Myloview.com and discover thousands of amazing wall murals, stickers and posters!

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