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How to decorate a cosy living room? Summer décor ideas from Myloview

We have wonderful ideas for decorating cosy living rooms large and small, with or without a dining space, in flats or houses. Interior designers have proven time and time again that one can completely make over a room with the simple use of accessories and decorations. Wall murals, posters, flower bouquets and stylish furniture can transform a nondescript interior into a visually gripping space of true homeliness and elegance.

We’ll show you how to flourish up your cosy living room without repainting the walls and replacing furniture. And since the world of interior design is full of passing trends, we want to focus instead on timeless motifs that are always charming and stylish. This time, we’ve looked for inspirations to our favourite season of the year – summer.

Meadow wall mural
The wall mural will instantly change the atmosphere in any living room – myloview.com

How to decorate a cosy living room? With the help of summer inspirations!

What are the characteristic features of a cosy living room? Definitely a warm colour palette. Cosy interiors usually use creams, browns, beiges, pastels, ochre or terracotta, as well as natural materials, including wood, wicker, rattan and textiles with floral motifs. In general, they are usually very close to nature. This is exactly why we decided to follow the sun and conjure up a few cosy living room filled with summer vibes and nature in full bloom.

In some cases, it’s best to treat the theme of nature directly, e.g. with the use of floral wall murals and potted plants. Other times, one may tap into summer atmosphere in a subtle way, through details and accessories associated with rest and relaxation. One interesting example would be a cosy living room with a dining table, featuring rustic chairs with wicker seats and backrests. In this article, we’ve gathered a whole bunch of inspirations so that everyone will be able to find an idea that appeals to their personal sense of aesthetics.

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Here are the pros and cons of decorating a cosy living room with summer accessories

Cosy living rooms with summer inspirations are always very eye-pleasing. Thanks to natural motifs, they can feel as if you lived in a mountain cabin, even if you have a flat in the middle of a large city. What’s more, it’s no secret that nature is very soothing and relaxing. Decorations with such motifs can carry some of that tranquillity into your home.

Another advantage of summer décor is that it can be combined with many different interior design styles and make them feel warmer. This applies to Scandinavian, retro, Boho, eco, glamour or even industrial interiors.

Summer living room inspirations
Treat your home to some summer décor and enjoy sunny vibes all year round (1. Sea surf poster, 2. Palm frond poster, 3. Path to the beach poster, 4. Abstract poster, 5. Leaves wall mural) – myloview.com

So, are there any disadvantages of cosy, summer living rooms? Well, some people claim that warm, nature-inspired decorations feel out of place during colder months of autumn and winter. However, we believe that sunny décor can be a wonderful source of positive energy all year round, especially when the weather outside is frightful.

Cosy living room – ideas prepared by Myloview experts

It’s time to take a look at some of our best decorative solutions for a cosy living room. The ideas selected by Myloview experts show that even a complete interior makeover can be quick and effortless.

  • Exotic landscape

Our first decorative idea is an exotic landscape. A picturesque view – like a tropical seaside bathed in golden sunlight – is always a great choice for decorating a small, cosy living room. Landscapes will fill your interior with cheerful, summer atmosphere but they will also make it visually larger. This shows how a mural can serve both a decorative and a practical function.

Beach wall mural
The sunset beach design will appeal to all fans of maritime climate – myloview.com

A view of a beach is especially effective in this case, as its warm colour scheme will highlight the cosy atmosphere of the interior. It works wonders when paired with an orange or honey yellow sofa.

  • Jungle motifs

Let’s stay in the tropics for a while longer. A cosy living room with a dining space will look absolutely spectacular if you decorate the wall behind the table with a view of lush, exotic jungle. We recommend retro-style designs, which introduce the natural motifs in a subtle, unimposing way. The muted colours will provide a beautiful background for beige or cream décor. The mural will also become your daily dose of nature, which is especially important if you only see an ocean of concrete whenever you look out the window.

  • Wildflowers

There’s nothing that epitomises summer quite like chestnuts, lilacs and wildflowers in full bloom. Hence, our third idea for decorating a living room comes in a storm of colourful petals. A flowery wall mural will instantly make any interior feel cosier and more inviting. There are two designs we have in mind specifically. First, you can use a composition of wildflowers, which may serve as a cheerful, colourful accent for the interior. Alternatively, you may opt for a more delicate image of wild grass, swaying in the wind. The latter option is perfect if you’re looking for a subtle background which won’t dominate the décor.

Summer flowers wall mural
Decorate your living room with summer flowers to conjure up the peaceful atmosphere of a sunny meadow – myloview.com

  • Japanese accents

The Japanese are true masters of interior design. The Land of the Rising Sun is full of interiors which are both stylish and functional. Rooms in both private and public buildings have everything one needs but they never feel cluttered. How to conjure up a Japanese-style living room? You can capture some of that unique atmosphere thanks to a wall mural depicting cranes and peonies. This Japanese design goes well with wooden furniture and wicker accessories. It’s also a great choice if you wish to design an interior in the fashionable Japandi style.

  • Colourful posters

If your interior is a bit monochromatic and it lacks dynamism, we recommend introducing an expressive wall decoration to diversify the colour scheme. One easy way to do that is with the use of artistic, modern posters. Some of the most popular designs include compositions of geometric, abstract motifs and line art. Such posters, in an elegant, wooden frames, will be a gorgeous addition to any summer décor. Another interesting idea is creating your custom gallery wall, featuring the most beautiful photographs inspired by nature, e.g. over a sofa.

  • Boho-style accessories

Boho-style accessories are quintessential for any summer décor. The style is known for its perfect marriage of art and cosiness. Classic Boho décor features macramé on walls (which can be DIY), string plant hangers, as well as all kinds of wicker and rattan accessories, such as boxes, flowerpot covers or lampshades. If your cosy living room has a fireplace, you can also decorate it with dried flowers and grass.

Boho-style woman
This abstract female portrait works wonders as a decoration in a natural interior featuring wood and floral motifs – myloview.com

Helpful tip

Although we’ve mentioned at the beginning that you don’t need to replace furniture in order to have an interior makeover, taking that extra step can of course enhance the cosy atmosphere of your living room. If you want to put in a bit more effort into your interior metamorphosis, we recommend light, openwork furniture, such as string chairs or seats made of dried bamboo. You can also never go wrong with a hammock or a hanging chair, which simply emanates summer atmosphere.

Finally, we have one last idea for decorating a cosy living room. Aged, slightly worn out wood will make the interior feel very unique. You can go for an upcycled dresser or coffee table.

Now that you know our tips and tricks for designing a cosy living room, all that’s left is to put them into practice

We hope that our ideas will help you conjure up your perfect cosy living room. The recipe is quite simple: a little bit of wood, wicker and rattan, a few colourful posters, a natural wall mural or a picturesque landscape, exotic potted plants and finally some Boho-style accessories. Mix and match those ingredients however you want and enjoy your gorgeous summer décor that will make your home warmer all year round.