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Flower wall art - a universal decoration of your apartment

Flower canvas prints - ordinary? That’s not true! Universal floral motifs can be placed in every style of decor, but it doesn’t make them boring. To “disenchant” a typical look of decorative flower canvas prints, we offer you a couple of intriguing decor solutions. Which of them will appear on your walls?

Not only roses and tulips. A bouquet print with wildflowers and other motifs immortalised on canvas

Canvas prints flowers mostly remind us of traditional visualisations of romantic roses and spring bouquets of red tulips. Indeed, such images of cut flowers look very good and can basically “work” in every decor. But let’s remember that the beauty of plants doesn’t end on roses and tulips. Let’s seek for inspiration among exotic flowers or... the field ones!

  • Poppies on a meadow - the best artists were charmed by the beauty of idyllic landscapes! One of the most famous flower canvas prints are “Red Poppies at Argenteuil” by Claude Monet.

  • Cornflowers - small, blue flowers with a graceful beauty; they look charming on photos and graphics with a sunset. Sergei Ivanovich Osipov, an outstanding representative or realism, was the one who made them famous thorough the art history.

By applying at least one wild flowers canvas into a minimalist interior, ex. a living room, we’ll immediately enliven and warm up our decor. The red color of poppies will add it some character, but at the same time it will make the space look more friendly and comfortable.

What else can we use, instead of field inspirations? Sunflowers, for example.

  • Sunflowers - the most famous ones were created by the genius Vincent van Gogh. What’s interesting, is that “Sunflowers” is not just one flower canvas, but a group of 11 different paintings!

The lovers of expressive details can choose wall decorations with an orchid or peony. A wall print with a blooming cherry tree or an aromatic lilac will complement an interior that lacks positive energy. 

Exotic flowers canvasExotic flowers canvas - Myloview.com, inspiration prepared by: Adam

Pretty flowers! Modern flower prints

An unquestionable advantage of modern flower prints is the static look of a graphic. The sight of a bouquet print has a calming effect and can refresh a chaotic decor, without making it too dynamic. At our disposal we have a closed graphic, that becomes an interesting complement of an interior. We don’t have to hang it on a wall - flower canvas print can, for example, be placed on a book case. We can place it on a floor and lean it against a wall or a wardrobe. It’s a clever trick that will lighten up an interior. “Chaotic” placement of decoration is an interesting idea to smuggle a bit of modernity into our space.

A canvas print flowers doesn’t have to be kept in a classic convention. A fascinating effect can be achieved with help of a flower watercolor painting. Minimalistic sketches and graphics in black and white are an offer for lovers of ascetic spaces. On the other hand, we have the baroque visualisations, inspirations with Rococo and Art Nouveau ornamentation.

  • Geraniums, irises, arum lillies, water lillies and other kinds of lilies are the most used motifs in Art Nouveau ornamentation.

Flower canvas for hallFlower canvas for hall - Myloview.com, inspiration prepared by: Adam

An apartment filled with flowers - a fragrant bouquet for every interior:

a)    For a living room - it’s a representative room of our home, that’s why we should make sure that it looks flawless. A natural beauty of modern flower prints will add it elegance. A tryptic would also work well.

b)    For a bedroom - this is where serenity, freshness and harmony are most important. Wild flowers canvas is an offer for the romantics; in turn, modern flower prints will complement a modernistic interior and a studio apartment.

c)    For kitchen and dining room -  we want them to look at our mom’s house! A flower wall art, for example one inspired by Monet’s meadow, will add them a unique charm.

d)    For an office - modern flower prints will be the best choice for this interior. Here, the geometric graphic forms and sketches will look best.

Flower canvas abstract water colorFlower canvas abstract water color - Myloview.com, inspiration prepated by: Adam

Sometimes, one canvas is not enough.

With fans of modern interiors in mind, we’ve created a selection of wall graphic compositions. When having a couple of canvas prints flowers (it’s best if they’re all kept in the same convention), let’s try to arrange them in an interesting configuration. We can hang three pieces of flower wall art next to each other, we can arrange them vertically or even diagonally. If you don’t have a big surface to decorate, choose flower canvas prints in various sizes - A5, A4, with an irregular shape. That way you will improve the dynamics of an interior. Such wall composition looks great in a front hall and on the wall right by the stairs.

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