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Excited for Christmas? Canvas prints with holiday motifs will make the wait more pleasant

Everywhere we look, we’re reminded that Christmas is almost here. Even before the first snow, cities around the world glow with colourful lights, shop windows dazzle with shiny Christmas trees and reindeers and the sound of Christmas songs fills every shopping centre. If you enjoy this time of the year, you may also wish to introduce the unique holiday atmosphere into your home. Christmas canvas prints are one of the easiest and most efficient solutions for a winter interior makeover.

Christmas only lasts a few days, but if you decorate your home in advance, you can enjoy the wonderful holiday spirit for much longer. Before you dust off the door wreath and the Christmas tree, decorate your walls. Christmas prints are designed to capture the elusive atmosphere of winter holidays. Our experts have prepared a selection of dazzling motifs, including decorative bulbs, reindeers, gorgeous landscapes, famous metropolises and sweet treats. You are sure to find a design that matches your personal style.

Winter landscape canvas prints
Make your winter evenings with a book more pleasant by decorating a wall with a beautiful landscape – myloview.com 

What to consider when choosing Christmas prints? Here are a few tips from Myloview experts

Christmas decorations are used to introduce holiday atmosphere into our interiors, but it doesn’t mean that they can clash with the rest of the décor. The decorations should look festive without disturbing the overall interior design. There are a few criteria you should consider when choosing your ideas prints for Christmas.

  • The style of your interior

Many people don’t realise how diverse holiday motifs can be. Christmas decorations come in many styles and colours, from elegant glamour designs to nostalgic retro compositions. If you’re a fan of modern décor, we recommend minimalist canvas prints. Christmas means different things for each of us, so make sure the design reflects everything you appreciate about this wonderful time. Perhaps you’ll enjoy a winter composition in the Scandinavian style, just as we do.

  • Colour scheme

What are the colours of Christmas? Canvas prints in green and red, as well as silver and navy blue are certainly very popular, but they’re not the only options. If your home features lots of beige and earthy colours, we recommend beautiful retro-style designs that resemble faded photographs. Last but not least, for all fans of industrial interiors, we have stylish black-and-white compositions.

Typographic canvas prints
Hang a typographic print featuring forest motifs next to a Christmas tree to complete your holiday décor – myloview.com 

  • Size

Another aspect of your Christmas prints that is worth a second thought is their size. Smaller decorations are generally more subtle. Instead of hanging them on walls, you can display them on shelves and on top of furniture. However, if you’re looking for a complete interior makeover and have enough space, what you need is a gorgeous polyptych consisting of 4 or even 5 different canvas prints.

  • The motif

What are the most popular motifs when it comes to Christmas prints? You’ll be spoilt for choice! Decide if you want to focus on the religious aspect of the ornaments or perhaps fill your interior with magical winter aura and enjoy white Christmas regardless of the weather. If you’re still not sure which design to choose, continue reading and check out the ideas of our experts. It’s a great source of inspiration!

Decorate your home for Christmas – canvas prints are the way to go. Here are 8 amazing décor ideas from our experts!

Our experts have prepared 8 dazzling ideas for delightful Christmas décor. Even if you live in the middle of a concrete jungle, your Christmas can be enchantingly beautiful if you decorate your walls with picturesque winter landscapes and charming retro-style compositions. Our decorations are sure to appeal to both fans of minimalistic décor and lovers of traditional interiors. We’re certain you’ll be able to find the perfect design for any room!

Historic city canvas prints
The view of a historic old town decorated for Christmas is a perfect design to hang over a fireplace – myloview.com 

  • Deer and reindeer

One of the most charming Christmas motifs are patterns of deer and reindeer with majestic antlers. It’s truly remarkable how many different designs are available in this category. You can opt for a minimalistic, geometric image reminiscent of origami, a retro-style sketch or a realistic portrait of an animal with Christmas balls and tinsel in its antlers. We recommend these designs especially for decorating children’s rooms.

  • Tasty sweets

What are some other symbols of Christmas? To answer this question, let’s take a look at canvas prints depicting delicious holiday treats. One of the things that make Christmas so special is all the scrumptious food. To make that time even sweeter, decorate your walls with a composition of frosted gingerbread, a cup of hot cocoa with whipped cream and marshmallows and a festive nut cake adorned with chocolate stars. These designs can be used to decorate a living room, but more importantly a dining room or a kitchen.

Holiday kitchen canvas prints
A Christmas canvas print can be used to decorate a kitchen just as well as a living room or a bedroom – myloview.com 

  • Enchanted forest

If you want your interiors to feel cosy and magical, we recommend forest motifs. You can go for a realistic photograph depicting snow-covered woods or a more artistic, watercolour composition featuring evergreen trees with branches bending under the weight of the white crystals. This subtle design works wonders in almost any type of interior. It will serve as a marvellous decoration not only during Christmas but the whole winter.

  • Scandinavian town

Our experts have not forgotten to include a few prints for Christmas dedicated to all fans of modern decorative solutions. One of them is a minimalistic illustration depicting a small town under a blanket of snow. The simple design and limited colour scheme make it a perfect choice for decorating Scandinavian-style interiors. It’s so charming and picturesque that it can also be used to decorate both living rooms and children’s rooms.

  • Christmas in a big city

Our next idea should appeal to all who enjoy the hustle and bustle of big cities. These prints feature photographs of famous metropolises during Christmas time. Make your décor more dynamic thanks to a view of snowy New York City, with its yellow cabs zooming through the streets, or fill it with the unique charm of London, where Christmas ornaments are contrasted with characteristic red buses and phonebooths.

  • Christmas toys

Although Christmas is a long-established tradition, it used to look much different than it does today. This becomes very apparent if we take a look at popular toys and ornaments from a few decades ago. If you’re nostalgic for the good old days, you can rediscover that unique atmosphere thanks to retro-style Christmas prints. Surprise your entire family with a beautiful, old-timey design (or one that’s aged on purpose) depicting teddy bears, ragdolls, tin cars and the characteristic toy soldiers from The Nutcracker.

Gingerbread house canvas prints
The gingerbread house motif is a great choice for decorating a cosy bedroom – myloview.com

  • No such thing as too many decorations

Our experts’ next idea is very universal and can be incorporated into any interior, regardless of its style. These are simply canvas prints depicting Christmas ornaments. They can feature a beautiful photograph of Christmas baubles on a tree, colourful lights or presents, neatly wrapped in decorative paper. At Christmas time, there’s no such thing as too many ornaments. However, traditional baubles and sprays can quickly make a small interior feel cramped. Canvas prints, on the other hand, decorate without taking up space!

  • Wild Christmas tree

Before you buy a Christmas tree or drag it out of the basement, you can decorate your walls with a Christmas tree canvas print. The evergreen tree is one of the most recognisable and universally loved symbols of the holidays. Our experts met all our expectations with a charming, nature-inspired design, featuring tiny bullfinches sitting in an evergreen tree, which boasts abundant cones, holly with red fruit and mistletoe. This enchanting illustration will be a perfect decoration for a bedroom or a hallway.

Now you know how to use beautiful Christmas canvas prints to make the holiday time even more special

If you want to make the most out of this magical time of the year, decorate your walls with Christmas prints. Christmas itself only lasts a few days, but thanks to our wall decorations, you can preserve that cosy, familial atmosphere for much longer. We hope that you find some inspiration among the ideas prepared by our experts. If you want to see more beautiful Christmas decorations, be sure to visit our website at Myloview.com.

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