Decorative stickers

Decorative stickers can be used to improve the look of furniture and appliances. There’s no surprise that they are a true hit in the world of interior decorating. They’re the topic of blog posts, decorating magazines articles and interior arrangement TV shows. This trend hasn’t appeared out of nowhere. Stickers are a great response to the ever-changing world and our need for innovations. It is their long list of advantages that make stickers a true decorative must-have, and that has decided about their popularity.

Table sticker world map vintage
Table sticker world map vintage -, inspiration prepared by: Adam

  • Stickers have, above all, a vast selection of designs – flowers, animals, fruit, vegetables, architecture, abstraction, 3d motifs, landscapes, folklore, quotes and many, many other.

  • They also mean simple and quick application, which mostly takes just a couple of minutes, or a dozen or so in case of a fridge sticker.

  • The option of selecting any kind of shape and size make stickers fitting for both, large furniture and tiny house appliances. Keyboard stickers turned out to be a real hit that can change a regular laptop into an impressive top shelf model.

  • Stickers can be applied to any kind of surface: a painted wall, tiles or wallpaper, which makes them incredibly universal.

Stickers – a quick improvement of an interior

Every one of us would like to change the look of our kitchens, offices or living rooms from time to time, to feel the wave or freshness and newness. But it’s hard to make a decision to completely redo the whole interior every time we need a change. Sometimes a simple detail is all that it takes to change our interior completely. Fridge stickers will make your kitchen look as if it was taken straight out of a catalogue, a new design for your laptop will make you feel like an owner of the newest model and table stickers will completely change your dining room or office. They are also a great way to recycle old furniture and appliances. If your child’s table has a scratched top, table stickers will help to mask the damage. If your living room wall has an ugly stain, before deciding to repaint the whole interior, check if a properly selected sticker won’t hide the problem. If your keyboard letters are faded and mostly worn off, use keyboard stickers to refresh them.

Fridge sticker citrus
Fridge sticker citrus -, inspiration prepared by: Adam

Kitchen: two steps to a beautiful interior

STEP 1. COVERING. Kitchen is a place especially exposed to stains and wear. Steaming water, splattering oil and sharp objects can quickly create scratches and stains on many surfaces. This is exactly what our decorative stickers have been created for. An unwanted chipping, stain or drawing made by our child with a waterproof marker – that’s not a problem. Wall sticker with an image of an oriental flower, juicy fruit or our favorite black coffee will easily cover integral points (remember to clean the greased up area before applying a sticker – this way you will be sure that the application stays on for a long time). On the other hand, table stickers will help us cover up a scratched table top. A design depicting wooden boards or a stone slab will look great in a rustic kitchen. In case of modern interiors, it’s worth to choose a colorful, geometric design or a 3D image. While covering unwanted spots and damages, we can also provide our space with some content. Fridge stickers with quotes or aphorisms will perfectly complement our interior.

STEP 2. DECORATING. If your kitchen is in great shape and you just want to change its look, we’d like to offer you wonderful fridge stickers. The selection is so wide that you will surely find something fitting for your interior. But, we must warn you - the choice can be really difficult! The Eiffel Tower, folklore flowers, night time city scape or juicy, energizing lemons – that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Because fridge stickers are easy to apply and remove, and because their price is affordable, you can change the design every couple of months for a completely new one!

A stylish office – laptop stickers and table stickers

An office, no matter if it’s localized in a company building, or if it is a specially selected space in our apartment, deserves a proper arrangement. Everything placed in that space should encourage productivity and help us focus on work. Because we spend most of our time sitting by desk, it’s worth to consider adding such element. Table stickers are a great way to make our workplace more pleasant. If you love modern art, choose a design in form of a colorful application. If you’re a programmer, binary numeral system may be a great accent. If you love nature, choose a depiction of the sky or a spider web covered in dew drops. From health point of view, a great option are table stickers in green color scheme, which have a good influence on our eyes and make it easier to relax. Blades of grass, green tree tops or, in case of football enthusiasts, football fields are a great choice. But, if your basic work equipment is a computer, choose laptop stickers. Amusing writings, motivating quotes, iconic movie characters or animal motifs – the limit is your own imagination! If you have a certain type of  hobby, it’s a good idea to personalize your equipment by choosing laptop stickers with fitting motifs.

Laptop sticker geometric pattern
Laptop sticker geometric pattern -, inspiration prepared by: Adam

Keyboard stickers for kids

A well-arranged child’s room should grow and change together with our kids. That’s why we should remember that our child’s tastes may change as fast as they grow up. To keep up with the challenge, it’s good to choose our furniture stickers, which will change the look of a room in a blink of an eye.To assure that your child will gladly and willingly do their homework, choose table stickers with their favorite fairy-tale or movie characters. Thanks to that, even the most difficult of assignments will be completed in good company. If your child already uses their own computer, it’s worth to consider choosing laptop stickers – animals, athletes, clovers or maybe a world map? The best laptop stickers are the ones that reflect your child’s interests.