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Christmas gift ideas? We already know what you should put under the Christmas tree this year!

Christmas presents are not the most important part of the holidays but they're admittedly a pleasant addition to the festive time. What matters the most is the joy you feel when giving a gift to someone you care about and the happiness when you receive something beautiful chosen especially for you. The closer it is to Christmas Eve, the bigger the frenzy in stores and shopping malls, which is why it's better to figure things out beforehand. This year, we've prepared a special set of tips on how to choose presents for people of various interests. After all, one's passion is an excellent thing to consider while searching for gifts. We have ideas for avid travelers, music lovers, art buffs, and even passionate cinema goers and TV watchers. If you want to make Santa Claus's job a bit easier, let's get down to business!

Gift ideas for avid travelers

Traveling is now easier than it has ever been. We have buses, fast trains, and airplanes that can take us to the other side of the planet in a few hours. The whole world is now within our reach! If you have a friend or a family member who loves traveling far and wide, we have a few perfect gift ideas for them! One great option for a small gift is an elegant passport holder.

If you're looking for a gift for an avid traveler, check out our colorful map murals in classic or retro style This decoration will be a perfect addition to their apartments!
If you're looking for a gift for an avid traveler, check out our colorful map murals or in retro style. This decoration will be a perfect addition to their apartments! - myloview.com

It's a very practical item that will allow them to keep all their important documents in one safe place. The most popular holder designs of the year include Terrazzo and Liquid Marble patterns. Another fantastic idea is a luggage cover that will protect their suitcase from any scratches and other damage that often occurs during transport. Finally, you can also consider gifting them a world map wall mural. Such a wonderful decoration will serve as a perfect inspiration for planning the next trip.

Christmas canvas prints for art lovers

Art is always fashionable. If you're looking for a gift for an art lover, consider getting them a reproduction of a famous masterpiece. Depending on the style your loved one prefers, you can choose an expressive abstraction, cubist still nature, impressionist landscape, or a surrealist composition.

A reproduction of a Van Gogh painting will definitely appeal to all art lovers!
A reproduction of a Van Gogh painting will definitely appeal to all art lovers! - myloview.com

Take a look at our stunning Christmas canvas prints inspired by the works of Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, or Claude Monet. Another interesting idea is a set of bed sheets or decorative cushions depicting iconic paintings. And let's not forget about another form of art in the form of everyday objects designed by famous artists. A designer lamp, fruit bowl, or candleholder make equally great gifts. 

Christmas gift ideas for a homebody

The winter is a perfect time to spend some time in the quiet of one's own home and relax reading a good book, drinking warm cocoa, and listening to music. If you're looking for a gift for someone who usually prefers to stay at home, we have some amazing ideas! Let's start with a set of aromatic, eco-friendly candles made with natural materials. You should definitely add to that a soft blanket. You can also go one step further and get your loved one a warm, electric blanket, which will serve as a perfect replacement for a fireplace. And if they enjoy whimsical, unique designs, we recommend a blanket shaped like a mermaid's tail, which is sure to make them smile. Our final idea is a chocolate fondue set. This gift will definitely add some new… flavor to long winter evenings!

A warm blanket and a pair of slippers are a perfect gift for a homebody!
A warm blanket and a pair of slippers are a perfect gift for a homebody!
- myloview.com

Fantastic present ideas for a music lover

Rock, blues, jazz, hip-hop, or perhaps classical music? Regardless of your loved one's favorite genre, a musical gift is always a wonderful idea. One of the easiest options is buying them a ticket to a concert. However, if there are no interesting events planned for the immediate future, we recommend a professional speaker set or one wireless, waterproof speaker, which can be taken anywhere, including camping and swimming. If that doesn't convince you, another practical gift could be headphones with an interesting, expressive design. But what if that special person already has all of those things? In that case, you can get them a decorative item depicting their favorite band or artist. A musical wall mural or maybe a poster? If you still have trouble deciding, you can get them a Christmas gift card to a chosen store with home accessories and let them choose for themselves.

Gifts for a music lover
Gifts for a music lover

Poster calendar for the well-organized

There's that one person in every family and group of friends who always likes to have everything organized and under control. We've prepared a few practical and beautiful gift ideas especially for those people. Firstly, we have poster calendars. Though most of us nowadays use calendars on our smartphones, it's always good to have a paper version in places like the office to clearly see the most important upcoming plans and events. Another great idea for an indispensable gift will be a set of notebooks with gorgeous covers, where you can note down anything you need – from a shopping list and vacation plans to ideas for starting a business. Alternatively, you can also buy them a small chalkboard to hang on the wall. They'll be able to immediately note down any ideas. With gifts like these being well-organized is easy.   

A minimalistic calendar is an amazing gift for any fan of great design
A minimalistic calendar is an amazing gift for any fan of great design
- myloview.com

Christmas posters for TV and cinema fans

In the past the only available TV series were sitcoms of dubious quality. Today we can choose from many ambitious, high-quality productions recognized by movie critics and awarded many prizes. Our gift ideas for all cinema and TV fans are amazing Christmas posters inspired by the most famous titles. The designs can reference the most popular current series or iconic productions from decades past. You can also go one step further with this gift. Why not make movie nights at home even more unique with a movie projector that will make your loved ones feel just like at the cinema. And while you're at it, you can also buy a small popcorn maker. We're sure that every cinema lover will enjoy these gifts.

Gift ideas for a TV lover 
Gift ideas for a TV lover
- myloview.com (1. I'll be there for you poster2. Joey doesn't share food poster3. Pivot! poster4. Mysterious poster inspired by Twin Peaks5. Typographic poster inspired by Twin Peaks5. Poster referencing the Joker movie)

Christmas is right around the corner. Very soon, we'll all sit together with our loved ones to celebrate. We hope that this short guide you'll be able to find the perfect gift ideas for your family and friends. Regardless of what you buy, make sure to include a lot of love and positivity with your gift to make all your loved ones feel special during this time.

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