Canvas print: Wallpapering

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Canvas print Wallpapering
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Mirror reflection Sepia Black & white
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Canvas print: Wallpapering.
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Author: © auremar; Photo number: #1727956, #50227594
Man pointing towards at symbol stuck to wall
Architect sat with his colleague
Different opinions
Electrician stood with coil of electrical wiring
Collage of a man holding wallpaper rolls
Projet immobilier
Man looking at drill
Man in meeting discussing a new housing estate
Builder on the phone by a ladder
Craftsman looking surprised
Portrait d'hommes et de femme
Manager with plan and helmet
Retired workers
A dynamic woman
Electrician repairing hand dryer
Man holding up a construction helmet
Electrician wiring a house
Diy fan stood with drill
Mechanic cleaning a customer's car
Painter with paint bucket and brush
Mason drilling into a ceiling
Electrician feeding cable up behind a tiled wall
Man installing a new air conditioning unit
Drilling into a wall
Architects crunching numbers for a client
Builder mounting a metal frame
Building consulting plans on telephone
Mason measuring up a window
Fixing a toilet
Wall insulation being installed by builder
Woodworker on a construction site
Portrait of a smiling tradeswoman
Man and woman stood with saw and recycling logo
Portrait of craftsman in profile standing isolated on white
Man making preparations to fit new carpet
Senior craftsman and female apprentice painting
Mason measuring a window
Technician in the server room
Architect explaining costs to client
Foreman taking notes
Man using a power drill
Installing a wall partition
Mason holding his toolbox
Repairing ventilation system
Caulking a window frame
Fix this air conditioning
Builder with secretary
Portrait of a young tradeswoman with her boss in the background
Electrician with roll, a phone and a board
Construction worker on site
Sawing into the ceiling
Make sure the wall is straight
Mason using a power drill
Man assembling furniture
Handyman fitting a new door
Carpenter drilling
Electrician working up a ladder
Architect sat with his colleague
Very good quality material, vibrant colors, I have no comments.
Ewelina P.
That image came to me from my images. It looks great. A nice souvenir and interesting decoration. I would recommend.
Michał Kosik
Today I received from you the image under the glass. It looks great - looks really beautiful finish kitchen. Thanks a lot!
Jerzy Morawiecki
I highly recommend, I am very satisfied with the paintings, quality, colors, top notch, very nice contact, fast performance, despite the pre-Christmas madness, to the shipping packed very solidly ...
Marta Wrocław