Canvas print: Grunge rose image

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Canvas print Grunge Rose image
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Mirror reflection Sepia Black & white
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Canvas print: Grunge Rose image.
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Author: © Kirsty Pargeter; Photo number: #58167653, #91796172
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Very good quality material, vibrant colors, I have no comments.
Ewelina P.
That image came to me from my images. It looks great. A nice souvenir and interesting decoration. I would recommend.
Michał Kosik
Today I received from you the image under the glass. It looks great - looks really beautiful finish kitchen. Thanks a lot!
Jerzy Morawiecki
I highly recommend, I am very satisfied with the paintings, quality, colors, top notch, very nice contact, fast performance, despite the pre-Christmas madness, to the shipping packed very solidly ...
Marta Wrocław