Black and white wallpapers: less is more

While planning a room decoration, it’s worth to look for ideas among universal and timeless solutions. Thanks to that, we’ll create an interior that we can enjoy for many years. Black and white wallpapers are one of those immortal designs. Modern, monochromatic interiors are a perfect space to be decorated with a black and white murals with city views, geometric designs and architectural details. A wide selection of patterns and unlimited amount of themes makes it that everyone can find something special. Black-and-white wall murals are a proven means to create a stylish and elegant decor.

Black and white graphic mural
Black and white graphic mural -, visualisation: Ewelina

Black and white interior design

Among the current trends of interior design, we can find both, ideas for arranging a room in a style full of splendour and minimalistic designs composed of just the most crucial elements. Appreciating both of those trends, we are inclined to the second option, agreeing with a famous architect, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, that “less is more”. Van der Rohe is called the spiritual father of minimalistic architecture, because he bid on simple and spacy interiors, equipped with only the most important furniture, with a minimalist form and universal beauty. He also paid a special attention to selecting noble materials and effects that one can achieve thanks to their texture. Following the steps of the great master of minimalism, we’ve created black-and-white murals depicting closed-up materials, such as stone, concrete, plant fibers and veined marble. By choosing one of such designs we will create a decoration that Ludwig Mies van der Rohe himself would be proud of.

Black and white street wallpaper and other designs

An undeniable advantage that our custom wall murals have, is that thanks to their universal character, they fit basically every interior. If our living room is arranged in a traditional, classic style, black-and-white murals with antique buildings and ruins will fit there perfectly. In a romantic bedroom we can use black and white streets wallpaper depicting some of the charming corners of Rome or Venice. On the other hand, black-and-white wall murals with structure of wild and raw rocks, which character related to a northern landscape will look great in a scandinavian living room. There’s as many ideas as wallpapers!

Below, we’re gathered a couple of suggestions how to arrange an interior with use of black and white wallpapers, according to what they depict.

Black and white mural Moroccan pattern
Black and white mural Moroccan pattern, visualisation: Ewelina

  • Black and White wallpapers with geometric patterns. Stripes or herringbone, optical illusions that refer to the very popular in the 50’s and 60’s fashion for op-art, and Etno-style designs will work great in modern, industrial interiors where they’ll stand as a main decoration.

  • Landscapes, panoramas and cityscapes kept in an old photo colour palette can be perfectly fitted into classic interiors. A real bullseye would be black-and-white wall murals with panoramas of cities such as Rome or Paris from way back when.

  • Architectural details. Here’s another universal option. Depending what style rules over our living room, we can choose black-and-white wall murals depicting ultramodern steel and glass constructions, or a bit more romantic, in type of baroque town house details.

Texture close up. If we’re not only fans of minimalism, but also abstract details, instead choosing a wallpaper with a figural composition we suggest custom wall murals with various materials in a big close-up: stones, bird wings or wooden planks. It’s a unique way to create a timeless decoration.
  • Nature. Plants and animals in black-and-white color scheme and with minimalistic character, will be a great decoration of a modern interior. While decorating such space, it’s worth to choose custom wall murals depicting just a certain detail- an animal design or a fragment of a plant.

  • Black-and-white photos. Designs reminding us of old movie frames will look great in both, modern interiors and the ones arranged in retro style. But, we must remember that this type of black-and-white wall murals will look best in a spacy interior, where we can properly expose them.

Black and white wallpaper flowers
Black and white wallpaper flowers -, visualisation: Ewelina

Colorful accents. 
They will help us to enliven monochromatic interiors. And, although we remember that less means more, sometimes it’s worth to deviate from this principle for a moment. Black and white wallpapers with a bit of color will enliven a room and will make it look unique. Yellow taxis by Guggenheim Museum in New York, or a red car by the Eiffel tower are just a couple of our suggestions. Black-and-white wall murals with a red element will look great in a living room that has a red vase, piece of furniture or carpet.
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