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Cinematic interiors – we present to you Anderson-style inspirations
"Grand Budapest Hotel," "Moonrise Kingdom," "Fantastic Mr. Fox," "The Royal Tenenbaums" – these are just a few of the most popular movies directed by Wes Anderson. He is one of those artists who need no introduction. His movies are impossible to ignore. You either love them wholeheartedly or can't stand his eccentric approach to reality. What do we think about his work? We absolutely adore it! We enjoy the ingenuity of the plot but also the dazzlingly beautiful interiors he creates. Wes Anderson's movies are a real goldmine of arrangement inspirations.
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We're choosing the best autumn decorations to relax around in the evening
Some people complain that autumn is cold, rainy, grey, and depressing. Others use this opportunity to create in their homes a cosy zone of relaxation to rest after a long day at work. Naturally, most people prefer sunny weather because we enjoy spending time on fresh air. But let's look at it the other way. Now's the time to dust off all these books waiting on your shelves and catch up on all the movies and TV shows that your friends have been recommending for so long! Conjure up your own oasis of peace by combining autumn decorations, soft materials, and fragrant details. Make this autumn and winter about you!
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Loft apartment décor full of practical solutions
Creating an appealing loft décor is definitely a challenge. Contrary to regular apartments, there are many factors here that can somewhat limit your possibilities and require a good dose of creativity. On the other hand, however, loft apartments are often very cozy and atmospheric, not to mention the breath-taking view over the whole city from the windows. Once you invest some time figuring out the decorative details, you can enjoy a uniquely gorgeous living space.
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Memphis style – we’re going back to the crazy 80s!
The great variety of different interior design styles allows you to easily decorate a perfect space that matches your tastes. If you like ascetic interiors, you can opt for minimalism. The glamour style is a great choice if you like to be surrounded by opulence and the industrial style will appeal to all fans of stark decor. However, if you love colours, unique furniture and cheerful spaces, we recommend drawing inspiration from the colourful 80s and one of its stylistic hallmarks, namely, the one of a kind Memphis style. How to decorate an interior using this specific style? Keep reading and you’ll soon find out!
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8 housewarming gift ideas from Myloview
There are a few events worth celebrating in everyone's life. One of them is definitely moving into your own house or apartment. It's an important life milestone on the way to stabilisation and security. If you've been invited by your friends to celebrate such an event, you may be wondering what would be the best possible housewarming gift. Many people decide to go for a funny gadget, but if you don't want your present to end up at the bottom of a wardrobe, you should perhaps think of something that's both fancy and practical. After all, a housewarming party is a perfect opportunity to celebrate and to give.
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Interiors for cactus lovers – a spotlight on succulents
Why have succulents suddenly become so popular? Is it their surprising, decorative shapes, the fact that they’re so easy to care for and don’t require much maintenance or maybe their incredible sturdiness that makes them survive many days of drought if we forget to water them? One thing’s for sure – if you’re looking for an interesting way to decorate your flat, cactus motifs are just what you need. Spiky décor starring this prickly hero are all the rage!
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Springtime interior design – we know how to best refresh your interiors
In March, we can already feel the spring coming. The sun peeks from behind the clouds more and more often, the temperatures rise, the birds start to sing and all these things combined fill us with new, positive energy. To make sure that the atmosphere outside the window matches your interiors, we have you some ideas for how to decorate a flat for spring. You can go for some subtle accessories or undertake a complete interior metamorphosis. It all depends on your imagination!
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How to decorate your personal reading nook – ideas and inspirations for every bookworm
When decorating this kind of space, you need to first think about the people who are going to use it. Is it intended only for adults or also for children? In this short article, we share our tried and tested tips for decorating a functional and cosy reading corner that will also match the style of your interior.
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Wall mural for girls – which one should you choose?
Decorating a girl’s room is not an easy feat. Every room is different and has its own charm but above all, it should be functional and pretty. What’s more, the décor should appeal to the room’s owner taste, which can be a difficult thing to achieve. Another problem might be the sheer amount of ideas that inundate the market and might be quite overwhelming for some people.
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Mid-century modern: a modern take on the retro style
For several seasons, the world has been dominated by the fashion of combining different aesthetic traditions. Just take a look at Japandi, cosy minimalism or maximalism, which were so popular last year. This time we’re taking a closer look at modern retro, a combination of contemporary design and retro aesthetics, particularly mid-century modern. It’s a wonderful idea to create a décor that’s stylish, cosy and dazzlingly beautiful at the same time. What are some of the ways of combining retro and modern style in your flat? You’ll find our best ideas below.
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Glamour-style bedroom with the use of wall murals
What’s the recipe for stylish, timeless and charmingly beautiful interiors? You’ll need a dash of elegance, a pinch of grace and a touch of royal luxury, which are all the necessary components to design a glamour décor. It’s the best way to create the bedroom of your dreams. In this short article we’ll show you exactly how to go about decorating a one-of-a-kind interior!
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A children’s room in the attic: inspiration for parents
Sometimes, converting an old attic into a child’s room is the only way to provide our little ones with their own space for playtime and learning. And, although the idea of an attic room for children may remind us of the stories about poor orphans and horrid conditions they were forced to live in, we’d like to show you that with just a couple of great attic room ideas you can change this type of interior into the most interesting space of the entire house!
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Guest room design ideas – how to best use wall murals
You can make every interior in your home look absolutely stunning and unique using different decorative styles. The internet is full of articles about decorating living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms. However, guest room design is equally important and it can also become the pride of your flat as long as you choose appropriate accessories and furniture.
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Decorative hotchpotch – eclectic style in your apartment
Eclectic style is not a new invention of modern interior designers. Eclecticism reaches back to the 19th century, when the most of European countries were taken over by historicism, or a conscious reference to the old trends and canons. Taking inspiration from the past mainly relayed on quite constrictive mirroring of architectural solutions, details and ornaments, and moving them into present times. As a result of such experiment, countless of gothic chapels, renaissance manor houses and baroque theatre buildings started to appear. Some people were charmed by eclectic style, while others were bothered by its presence and nonuniformity to the present times.
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Decorative stickers
Decorative stickers can be used to improve the look of furniture and appliances. There’s no surprise that they are a true hit in the world of interior decorating. They’re the topic of blog posts, decorating magazines articles and interior arrangement TV shows.
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Many designs of a bedroom: bedroom murals
Decorating a bedroom may seem easy, but as we start the process of interior designing we realise, that it will be quite a journey. Selecting a color scheme and aesthetics according to our preferences and comfort… How to avoid getting lost among designing options, and choose the best one? Which style would you like to use to decorate your bedroom in?
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Economic design - cheap murals and interesting accessories
A stylish interior doesn’t have to be decorated expensively. Instead of costly accessories we can create them by ourselves, or look for them on flea markets and on the Internet- there, we can find everything we want! Cheap wall murals, candelabras, picture and mirror frames as well as textiles at bargain prices- with help of those small accents we can create a creative arrangement. Find out how to do it!
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Teen’s room - inspirations with wallpapers for teenagers
How to decorate a teenager’s room? What should we keep in mind, as we finish and arrange walls? Which teen wall mural should we choose? In this article you’ll find answers to those questions.
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Posters for walls: how to match them to your interior
Wall decorations can completely change our interior, just like furniture. It’s important to remember that, when you’re selecting posters for a wall of your apartment.
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Change the look of your furniture: decorative stickers
Are you looking for some unique decorative ideas to refresh your space? Check out our decorative stickers! They will do great as a decoration for almost any interior in your home. The eye-catching stickers with floral and plant motifs will look great in elegant, eclectic and traditional spaces. Landscapes and expressive compositions of intriguing patterns can be used to decorate larger furniture, e.g. a wardrobe. Finally, the colourful animal stickers will become a wonderful addition to a pastel bedroom for children – they’ll create a magical, cosy space for your kids to feel safe in.
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