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5 ideas for a hallway wall – fill your interiors with style!

Why is it even important for a hallway wall to look appealing? The hallway is the first interior you see after returning your home, so it should be especially inviting! Our experts have prepared many decorative ideas and inspirations which prove that even a single change can completely transform this small interior and fill it with unique character.

Your idea for a hallway wall doesn’t have to be time-consuming or costly in order to result in amazing effects. We’ve compiled a list of 5 fantastic solutions for a lightning-quick hallway metamorphosis. A canvas print, a wall organiser or perhaps a wall mural? See what else we have in store for you!

Umbrella canvas print
These original, thematic canvas prints are sure to appeal to all fans of minimalistic decoration – myloview.com

Dreary, plain hallway walls? It’s time for a change

There are a few factors to consider when deciding what to do with a hallway wall. First, the size of the interior matters a lot. In smaller hallways, for instance, you may want to opt for elegant minimalism and a light colour scheme. Secondly, a hallway décor should ideally match the style in the other parts of the house or flat. A well-decorated hallway will become the representative interior of your home, so your idea for a hallway wall shouldn’t just be random.

Overall, the space in question matters more than one may think. This is the interior that welcomes you when you return home and the last thing you see before you leave. Depending on how comfortable you feel in it, it can have a very positive impact on your mood. And although a hallway serves mainly as a thoroughfare to connect various interiors, it can easily become a beautiful bow that ties your house or flat together!

5 ideas for a hallway wall

The time has come to answer the question: what to do with a hallway wall? We’ve prepared a handful of solutions that are both stylish and easy to implement. These ideas can be used in conjunction with all kinds of decorative styles – be it modern or traditional – as well as in hallways of different sizes. Here are our 5 ideas!

Monochromatic peonies canvas wall mural
Peony patterns are timeless decorative motifs which work wonders in monochromatic interiors, next to black and white accessories – myloview.com

  • Wall mural

If you’re wondering what to do with a hallway wall and you’re looking for a fast and easy way to refresh the entire space, a wall mural is the way to go. Installing modern murals is very simple, so you’ll need just one afternoon of work to enjoy your new décor. For hallways, we recommend a vinyl wall mural, which is especially durable and resistant to damage. The beautiful design will serve you for many years without losing its charm.

What pattern is best for decorating a hallway? One timeless and universal choice are floral designs – be it colourful, black-and-white or greyscale ones. We also recommend geometric patterns – those inspired by the glamourous Art Deco, eclectic Memphis style or retro murals which bring back the mid-century modern craze. And if you’re looking for a design that will optically enlarge a cramped space, go for a breath-taking landscape.

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  • Mirror

Your hallway is the place where you dress up before leaving your home, so a mirror on one of the walls seems like a practical solution. Depending on its shape and design, this inconspicuous object can also serve a decorative purpose. Firstly, decide whether you want to devote an entire wall to a full length mirror or opt for a smaller one, which you could hang over the chest of drawers. One advantage of a large mirror is that it can also optically enlarge a smaller space.

If you go with a smaller model, we recommend egg-shaped mirrors. Some popular choices include mirrors in ornamental wooden frames or gold ones, resembling the sun in design.

Modern hallway décor
A mirror and a wall organiser are two necessary elements in every hallway

  • Canvas print

Hanging a canvas print is another interesting idea for a hallway wall. Although some assume that a print can never be as impressive as a wall mural, it couldn’t be further from the truth. You can achieve stunning effects with a single, large-format canvas or a composition of several smaller ones. If your hallway or corridor is long, it’s a perfect opportunity to create your own gallery wall. For smaller interiors, we recommend diptychs or triptychs. But what to look for when choosing the designs?

First, decide on the overall motif. Some popular options include landscapes, photographs of famous metropolises, interesting architecture or images of exotic animals. Nature-inspired motifs seem to be especially fashionable nowadays. Since our canvas prints are printed on the sides as well, you don’t even need to frame them before hanging.

  • Wall panels

Ornamental wall panels can instantly transform the look of your hallway wall. Our experts have prepared two ideas that you can use as inspiration. The first one is a bit more time-consuming and the other is quick and simple. In recent years, wooden panelling has made a huge come back after years of absence in the world of interior design. Now it’s the go-to wall decoration for many Scandinavian, modern and glamour-style interiors.

Most commonly found in white, grey or pastel colours, wooden panelling can look absolutely stunning if done right. It’s not a secret, however, that covering an entire wall with panels is rather costly and time-consuming. That’s why our second idea is a faux wooden panelling wall mural. The mural looks just as good as the real thing and it will allow you to enjoy the coveted hallway décor within moments.

  • Wall organiser

Hallway décor should be both stylish and practical. How many times have you left home in a hurry and realised later that you forgot your keys, credit card or wallet? A functional wall organiser can save you a lot of headache in that department. We recommend models that can be hung on a wall to leave more space on the chest of drawers.

One excellent option is a fabric organiser filled with small pockets. Put your car keys inside when you come from work and never worry about searching for them in the morning.

Ideas for a hallway wall – décor inspirations

We’ve given you a few ideas on what to do with a hallway wall. It’s time to take everything we’ve learnt and put it together to create an amazing décor. We have two examples for you. One of them takes advantage of the charm of retro designs and is sure to appeal to all lovers of traditional décor. The other – daring and original – will be perfect for fans of unique interiors. See which one you like more!

  • Expressive minimalism

Painting a wall black is definitely an unusual and bold choice. However, as demonstrated in the décor designed by our experts, the gambit can really pay off if your interior is spacious enough. This hallway is very eye-catching and memorable. The matt paint enhances the effect.

Dark hallway wall
If you decide to paint your hallway in dark colours, remember to liven up the space with the use of light accessories and decorations

In order to avoid the hallway looking depressing, contrast the colour of the wall with a canvas print in a white frame. It’s a textbook example of colour contrast that will immediately make the space feel more dynamic and highlight the minimalistic style of the wall.

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  • XXL decoration

For best effects at minimal time investment, decorate your hallway with a large format canvas. One big print will be enough to refresh the space. Our decorators decided to go for a retro-style design. The subtle colour scheme in this idyllic landscape will fill the entire space with a soothing, relaxing atmosphere.

Retro-style canvas print
A monochromatic vintage canvas print will be a perfect choice for light, minimalistic interiors – myloview.com

Nature-inspired decorations are timeless and universal, so your print will always look fashionable, regardless of the current trends. Thanks to the large format, the design will look almost like a window and your hallway will feel more open. The retro-style sketch can be paired up with vintage furniture, e.g. a wooden console table.

What to do with a hallway wall – Transform your interior with Myloview

Hallways are oftentimes forgotten when it comes to interior décor. Since they’re just connecting interiors, they’re easy to disregard. Besides, with such limited space, many think that fitting anything other than the necessary furniture in a hallway is rather difficult. But no more excuses! A well-decorated wall can transform your nondescript hallway into a representative space of your home, a space that makes you and your friends feel welcome as soon as you step through the door.

If you’re looking for more hallway decorations, make sure to visit our store!

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